Helen De Michiel Offerings Services

Media Production + Consultant

Collaboration (where we start) 
Conversation (how to inspire)
Complexity (honoring what it is)
Continuum (what’s the big picture?)

Community (what we build)
Context (dynamic and fluid)
Circular (responsive and interdependent)
Connection (how to spark empathic energy)

New Offering: Creative Accountability Coaching


I just finished co-authoring a new book, Open Space Documentary. I am producing and directing a new documentary. And I have another project to share with you.

For a long time, a personal goal has been to offer creative accountability coaching for creative people who, like me, sometimes need someone to hold us accountable to what matters the most…making our creative work happen and deepen.

My dream is to build a network of makers for whom I can make an impact in the day-to-day of creative practice like…

  • Overcoming obstacles and building momentum for your new or current project

  • Developing your social assets…like networks and audiences

  • Inventorying your reputation…from brand to awards and institutional recognition

  • Exploring business simple business models that can work for you and your projects

To be sure, it is hard to feel seen, heard and recognized in an uncertain and competitive environment, especially when life’s obligations crowd in on you.

Sometimes, we need outside help to navigate, reframe and expand our creative options. Being accountable to another artist who understands the questions to ask will move you into new directions. And I am thrilled to share what I know, and what I am seeing.

I am offering a free introductory meeting – live or on Skype. If it works for you, we can schedule six 1-hour sessions for a pilot discount price of $250, guided by what you need the most, and when you need it.

Feel free to reach out to me at helen@thirtyleaves.org.